Join Fatima on a wondrous journey of colours in this imaginative children’s picture book. Living on Earth House Farm in Kashimpur, young Fatima is filled with curiosity and wonder about the world around her. When she comes across a beautiful aubergine on her farm, she can’t help but wonder where the vibrant purple colour comes from. 

Through her exploration, Fatima learns about the connection between colours and the amazing world we live in. With the help of her wise grandparents, Fatima discovers the powerful ways that colours enrich our experiences and memories. 

With stunning illustrations to accompany this story of discovery, Fatima’s Wondrous Journey of Colours is a must-read for any child who loves to  explore and learn about the world around them.

NorthStar School Visit

Hayward California, USA

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting NorthStar School in Hayward, California, to promote our book, Fatima's Wondrous Journey of Colours. 

The students were engaged and enthusiastic as we shared the vibrant story of Fatima's adventures through a kaleidoscope of colors. 

We extend our special thanks to Principal Salwa Abed and Vice Principal Michelle Lee for their warm hospitality, making the event a truly memorable experience.

Peace Terrace School

Fremont California, USA

We recently visited Peace Terrace School, a well-resourced Muslim school in California, to present our book, Fatima's Wondrous Journey of Colours.

 The principal, Homaira Wassel, and vice principal, Zolaikha Khaliqi, were very generous with their time. 

We toured the classrooms, spoke to some of the teachers, and saw them hard at work, providing an enriching and supportive learning environment for the students. 

We received valuable feedback on our book and are eager to collaborate further with the school and its extended community.

Thank you for a memorable and inspiring visit!

Imam Tahir Anwar

South Bay Islamic Association, San Jose, California

We recently visited the South Bay Islamic Association in California to present our book, Fatima's Wondrous Journey of Colours. During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting with Imam Tahir, who graciously took the time to discuss the book and its themes. We received valuable feedback and were inspired by the community's engagement and enthusiasm.

The South Bay Islamic Association is a well-resourced community center that plays a vital role in supporting and enriching the lives of its members. We toured the facilities, spoke with several dedicated staff members, and observed the various educational and community activities in action.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Imam Tahir and the entire South Bay Islamic Association community for their warm hospitality and support. We are eager to collaborate further and continue contributing to the community’s educational initiatives.

Thank you for a memorable and inspiring visit!