Saying YES to Today!


I have been a huge fan of Louise Hay for years now. She is an incredible force for good in the world. I use her book You Can Heal Your Life every time I am experiencing physical pain or illness. It was a life changing mindset shift for me to discover that everything I experienced was energy in motion (or energy being blocked or ‘stuck’) and that my intention and beliefs were the determining key to the entire experience.

For example, whenever I have a migraine, which seems to be one of the last ailments that seem to ‘sneak into my day’ every now and then, I turn to THE LIST at the back of the book, an alphabetical index of ailments and conditions that could arise in our experience, and I remind myself of a few probable mental causes.


Migrianes are listed there with possible mental causes of “Dislike against being driven. Resisting the flow of life.”


In general, this gives me the opportunity to take a look at my life and see where there might be any area where I am feeling driven. (I’m usually the one driving myself too hard in some area) And the most commmon cause I find is that somewhere I am resisting the flow of life. Wishing to be further ahead in my own pursuit of learning and work experience. A sense of wishing for something other than the space where I currently reside, which leads to a tightening of my forehead, I can feel it tightening even as I write this, and then a slow tension building snowball as I continue to resist the flow of life…eventually reaching a crescendo into migraine mode. Which then reminds me to look at my beliefs again. And to make changes where my patterns of thought no longer serve me.


You don’t even need to buy the book to access this incredible index of ailments and possible causes. All you need to do is google your ailment +Louise Hay or You Can Heal Your Life and a number of resources will guide you to Louise’s work.

While we are on the topic of Louise Hay I have to say that I also love her book You Can Create An Exceptional Life which she co authored with Cheryl Richardson. I found it to ne a transformative book that helps inspire and guide each reader toward self love and incredible kindness. Who couldn’t use more kindness in their life? In particular, kindness for oneself?


SO… On to the impetus for this post today and an introduction to THE SWEETEST way to start your day:

I haven’t ever really jumped into Mirror Work as taught by Louise- although I believe it is an incredibly powerful healing method.


I recently came across this new training that Louise has just created. It’s called the Loving Yourself: Online Video Course: 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem with Mirror Work Course with Louise Hay and Friends. That is a long name for a whole lot of awesome.


It is marketed with a few introductary videos presented by Robert Holden. In this Free Video Series Robert shares some incredible inisghts into the power of beginning your day in the most empowering way. In particular, I loved how he described the process of waking up each morning and saying YES! to the day in This Video.



This is the script he shared, which could be spoken aloud in front of a mirror, or simply aloud as you are laying in bed each morning (which is what I’ve been doing):



There is so much power in starting each day with enthusiasm and gratitude and eager anticipation and hope. It just feels juicy to be able to wake up and be open to having an incredible experience each and every day. Especially on the days that are full to brimming with what otherwise might appear to be mundane tasks:

Kids off to school, morning spent with the baby, cleaning house, off to volunteer in a classroom, home to meet kids off the bus, off to a meeting, home to make dinner, homework and bedtime routine.


So HOW is this going to be the best day ever? I don’t know. But what if it could be? Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be, but TODAY can be incredible.


Do I have enough belief in the miraculous to tap into the energy of a MIRACLE opening up in my life today? Am I tapped into the energy of HAPPINESS enough to allow for so much joy to show up that I suprise even myself? Today is the moment of possibility. Anything could happen if we are open enough to receive it.


So- how will you begin your day tomorrow? Are you willing to allow for awesomeness? Every day should be full of something incredible. And guess what? It really can be.




Cultivating Abundance

For the past 45 days I have been playing an abundance game. I have actually participated in versions of this before. This is a process advocated by many abundance coaches and programs that I have studied.


I wanted to adapt this to be something that I could easily access. I have touted the benefits of using the evernote app before, but seriously, it’s been an incredible resource for me.


I call this my VIRTUAL BANK ACCOUNT. Here is how you can play:


Imagine that you have been given $1,000. You can spend this money on anything that you would like. The only ‘rule’ here is that you can’t just put it in the bank to accumulate. That wouldn’t be any fun, and you definitely wouldn’t FEEL abundant just by watching the numbers accumulate in your virtual bank account. You won’t need it there anyway because on day 2 you will find $2,000 in your virtual bank account. Every day you will progressively add $1,000 to your daily deposit so that by the end of the year on day 365 you will have $365,000 to spend.


Here is how I use it:

On day 1 I decided that the thing I most wanted to spend my money was a new washer and dryer. Our sweet dryer has been hanging on for dear life. Each day that I use it I thank it for its continued diligent service, but its time is coming. So on day 1 I wrote:




I actually went online and took a screen shot of the actual washer and dryer that I would have purchased. I wanted to make this as realistic as possible, both to give me a good idea of how much things cost, and to give myself some visual inspiration.


I continued on- adding $1,000 more to my account each day- and by the time I hit day 11 I had already seen the principle of the law of attraction and abundance at work.


My post for day 11 was this:

IMG_1226 IMG_1227


I try to put FEELING into every post. As I imagine myself making these purchases I try to write out the way I feel about the experience. That is where the power of this practice really zings. The more you can put yourself into the FEELING of an experience the more power you call into the real life manifestation of the experience.


The very next day my husband was out running errands and passed a family in our neighborhood who were having a moving sale. He stopped by to ask if they needed any help and saw that they had one of these:



They gave it to him for free.


When he brought it home it struck me that I had JUST posted about this. It wasn’t long after that when I decided I actually COULD buy some ukes for the kids. I sold some old play toys and used the money to order a few soprano ukes. I’ve been insanely pleased with this.



The only thing still missing are the pegs to hang them with and the piano…maybe soon?


What I know about my virtual bank account is that it works. I FEEL abundant. I FEEL like anything I can dream up, I can actually DO or HAVE or EXPERIENCE. It may take some planning. It may take some time until I’m ready to actually jump in and get there, but I BELIEVE I can. And that is something incredible.


On day 45 I thought I’d reached the end of everything I could think of that I had on my bucket list of TO DO’s. So I did the math. I had happily and confidently and with great gratitude spent $1,035,000. I had taken trips all around the world, bringing family and friends along for the all expense paid ride. I had remodeled my home form top to bottom. I had reworked my wardrobe and


IMG_1221 IMG_1225


So was this my limit? As much as I felt I desired from the Universe? All my dreams had come true???

Well- I HAD always dreamed of never having to cook again!  So why not?

IMG_1222 IMG_1224


And so it continues…


I’d like to always find new things to experience in this world. And to have so much abundance that sharing money/expereinces becomes a joy. Im pretty sure I’m on my way. Think you would like to give it a try? I would love to hear your experiences. Happy spending. Happy experiencing. Cheers to being ABUNDANT!


Cultivating Contentment

I have been thoroughly enjoying continuing my  VIRTUAL JOURNEYS over the past 24 days. Every night I sit down to journal.
I imagine a place, a scene, an experience that I would love to have and I write as if I AM in the experience right NOW. The other day I came across this gorgeous landscape and imagined it to be a healing space where I could experience complete contentment, healing, and love. It sounds a little silly, but FELT incredible as I imagined myself in this space and wrote:
“What a beautiful healing place to be. Alone in this realm floating in this shallow healing pool. Everywhere I look I see vibrant peaceful colors.
 The sky is painted in tones of pink, violet, and indigo. There is a powerful feeling of peace and love emanating from the sky above.
Stepping into the turquoise waters I feel an energy of abudance, delight, and joy. I am supported completely. There is nothing I need to do but allow myself to sink into this complete relaxation and restoration-  I am content.
One drop of this healing sea contains all the goodness and light that I could desire. I welcome it in gratitude and awe and overwhelming love. This gift- from loving Source. In its wake I am content. So at peace. So full of love. Complete surrender.”
As the days pass I am discovering that my VIRTUAL JOURNEYS are sneaking into my daily life.
This morning it popped into my mind that what I have been doing in my Virtual Journeys is cultivating a powerful awareness of what it FEELS like to be content, or happy, or at peace, or to just have FUN.
So this morning as I sat holding my sleeping two year old in my arms I felt CONTENT.
I recognized this feeling of peace, and calm, and allowing that I could feel in my body and mind. After a long night spent attending to the needs of a fevered little one who was  seeking comfort and relief, in that calm that seems to follow the storm…there was a quiet, restful, all is well FEELING that settled in. And when it arrived, I recognized it for what it was. The contentment that I have been cultivating.
You can call peace into your life. You can call happiness and joy and anything else you want to experience.
Just practice FEELING it. Pretend. Imagine. Dream. But most importantly FEEL. Life can be so delicious.

Your Morning Meditation

I was reminded this morning that sometimes it is in the repetition of simple processes that we find deep and powerful transformation.

I recently shared a process I learned from Vishen Lahkiani about the Three Most Important Questions you could ask yourself to gain clarity on your life purpose. I’m clearly a huge fan of Vishens because today I want to share another process that he has created called the The Six Phase Guided Meditation.

This is a powerful, and yet simple, process that combines meditation techniques, creative visualization, and mind exercises to help add abundance, clarity, and joy to your life.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.18.07 PM


I loved watching this youtube presentation that Vishen gave years ago titled: A 15 Minute Mind-Hack by Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen breaks his guided visualization into 6 steps.





First- he focuses on Love and Compassion. Its all about connection. When we can really get into the FEELING of being one with everyone and everything around us our lives WILL change.




Second- he focuses on Gratitude. We know how transformational gratitude can be and when we deliberately cultivate it, our lives WILL change.




Third- he focuses on Being at Peace. Peace comes from being able to let go of all that holds us back in our lives. This happens to be one of my favorite parts of the meditation. It’s a process in which we can release ANY negative charge that we are still holding onto. We offer forgiveness- and we ask for forgiveness. One of the most transformative processes I have ever come across! Big or small- everyday there is some little something I can choose to LET GO of. When we forgive, ourselves AND others, our lives WILL change.



Fourth- he focuses on Vision. This is a delightful step. Here you are asked to imagine what your life will look like in three years. I love sending my thoughts out three years. This is an exercise in imagination.  For me- it allows me to put away the HOW I might get there and just dream about what kind of POSSIBILITY I would like to invite in. When we allow ourselves to dream BIG- our lives WILL transform.


Fifth- he focuses on Sense of Control. Here we get to ask ourselves the question: In order for this dream to come to pass, what do I need to do TODAY to align myself with this Vision? Now we get to imagine our perfect day. And guess what? YOU are the one who gets to decide what your day looks like anyway. The place of all change and transformation IS in the NOW!




And finally, the last phase of this meditation focuses on Feeling Supported. This is the underlying power beneath it all in my opinion. All transformation in our lives is made possible because of this. Our connection to Source, the Universe, GOD, Creator. When we KNOW that we are connected to and supported by the DIVINE we know who we are, what our purpose is, and we ALLOW ourselves to receive the support and love that leads to delightful living. Yes- our lives WILL transform.

Vishens 6 phase Meditation is delightful, entertaining, and informative. And I know that it works!


Best of all? ITS FREE!



You can download this  Free Omvana App and listen to this mediation- or others- every day.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.15.08 PM

My favorite way to use this is to turn on the Mixer and combine the gorgeous background music of THE VISION MEDITATION with the voice recording of the 6 PHASE MEDITATION.


It’s pure delight.


I hope it brings you as much joy and transformation as it has brought me.


On Clarity

I have been a grateful subscriber to Mindvalley, a global online marketing firm based in Malaysia, for a few years now.  Mindvalley is a global brand and company with a goal to push humanity forward through the creation and building of businesses that align with their vision and purpose.

Vishen Lakhiani is the CEO and founder of Mindvalley and I was introduced to his work and his company through a ted talk he gave at Awesomeness Fest.

A few years later, Mindvalley has exploded in its scope and offers incredible content. They sponsor programs for growth and self awareness from many leading edge holistic health practitioners.

The first process that I learned through Vishen Lahkianis teachings he calls the Three Most Important Questions.This process created so much joy and movement in my life that I fell in love with this practice and recommend it to everyone I meet who could use some direction or guidance in terms of what they are wanting to experience in their life. The process is outlined in this video presentation:

The Three Most Important Questions

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 4.08.48 PM


According to Vishen, the three most important questions to ask yourself in gaining clarity about your life purpose and your route to happiness and self fulfillment are these:




I revisit this list every 6 months or so. Its a life changer.

I believe Vishen when he says that our answer to the first question helps point the way to experiencing happiness and adding joy to our day. When we begin working down our bucket list of joy we experience joy.

The answers to the second and third questions point the way to self fulfillment. When we are growing and contributing to the world we are living our purpose and fulfilling our souls deepest desires.


So- what would you do if time and money were no obstacle? What ways would you grow? What would you strive to contribute to the world? And when will you begin?


I promise it will be a joyful journey. An incredibly happy way to experience life. Got your paper and pencil out? Great. Begin now. And happy creating!

Life isn’t always sunshine and daisies…

This morning I was reminded again that life is definitely an experience in contrast.


Life gets a little sticky when a child decides they aren’t waking up in the morning for school, or a spouse is running on three hours of restless sleep, or your car breaks down on the side of the road (two of these things combined this morning and it wasn’t the car 😉


At times like this its so easy for my own personal happiness gauge to take a head dive right down to the deep of discouragement and frustration, although, in general I just head straight to anger and sometimes  just rage.

The most encouraging thought I have ever been gifted was the truth that I am the person who gets to decide how I feel in ANY given moment.


And over time as I catch myself in the middle of a thought that no longer serves me, whatever that may be, and no mater how true is may seem in that moment, I can push the ‘reset’ button.


Carol Tuttle, in her wonderful book ‘Remembering Wholeness’ says the following:

“In every moment, during every day of your life, you have choices. The choice to create more struggle or the choice to create more freedom and joy. Choose thoughts that support you in feeling good more and more each day.

It will take practice to gain mastery over your thoughts and feelings. Never give up. Never settle for mediocrity. You can accomplish more than you think. Just because we have not achieved this state of learning in joy, rather than pain, does not mean it is not possible. II believe it is possible. I believe it is our destiny.”

And so this morning as the drama was unfolding, I chose to breath deeply, disengage, allow each person in my family to have their own experience, and let go of the stories that were beginning to take shape in my mind.

Everyone gets the opportunity to begin again. I just let go and chose a happier NOW.


So- Life isn’t always sunshine and daisies- but there is no reason that it can’t be either.




A Year of Gratitude


Today marks the one year celebration and the completion of my self set 365 days of gratitude challenge via instagram posts.

There is some special kind of magic in storytelling  through the combination of the written word and photography. Perhaps that was what drew me to instagram in the first place. Story sharing. Picture magic.

Every evening before I went to bed I would reflect on my day and post the thing that I was intensely grateful for. Sometimes I couldn’t wait until the end of the day. I learned to recognize a gratitude post blossoming in the moment I met it.

Often I would have more that one post to share. Suddenly I saw great blessings everywhere. Magical moments and incredible serendipities. Oft used phrases included, “I know the best people!” Or, “I am so blessed!” Or, “Life is so good.”

What a beautiful gift it has turned out to be. It is so true that Gratitude brings True Joy and Great Happiness!

A few lessons learned along the way:

  • It is a truth that what we put our focus on we create more of.
  • Focusing on what is wonderful in our lives creates more wonder.
  • If you want to transform your life and elevate your vibration in the world, gratitude is a wonderful place to begin.


Here’s to a year of MAGIC, True Joy, and Great Happiness!

I will definitely keep posting.




THAT’S 365+ moments of amazing and many more to come.






I have been practicing a few more joy inducing processes, or games, over the last week and I can resoundingly say that I LOVE them!

I was recently introduced to an app called Evernote. I love it because it helps me organize all of the many notes that I tend to keep on my phone. Gorgeous visuals  make all the difference here.

VIRTUAL JOURNEYS is what I call the first game and it is one of the ‘processes’ taught in the book ‘Ask, And it is Given’ by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Here is how I have been playing this:

I find a scene or setting via Instagram or Pinterest that speaks to me as a place or destination that I would LOVE to be experiencing right now. A sunny beachside pool in Bali or a cozy winter retreat. A trip to Diagon Alley or a fairy glen. Whatever. Wherever. Whenever.

It doesn’t need to be a real place. What we are after is the FEELINGs of delight, peace, fun, or adventure that you feel when you find yourself in this space. I copy and paste this picture into my Evernote folder so that I can have it filed away with all of my other virtual journeys.

Decide whether you want to write this down, speak it aloud, or even think it in your mind- but there is a power in writing. I journal this.

I begin by asking myself these questions: In this scene, who is with me? Am I alone or with someone else? What am I (or are we) doing? What am I experiencing? How am I feeling?

The more details you can add the more real the feeling and the experience will be for you. Really turn up the volume on those feelings you want to create more of.

Describe the delight. Dig into the giggle. Revel in the joy and peace.

Keep it short. This doesn’t need to be a novel. In fact it is said to work best when you can jump in and jump back out of these virtual journeys in about five minutes or so. This gives you enough time to experience the feeling without getting caught up in the HOW or WHY.

I have a weeks worth of virtual journeys recorded now and it has been a fun and somewhat revealing adventure.

My first days journeys were all to quiet serene locations and there was inevitable a book somewhere in my vicinity. Apparently I am craving quiet alone time.

In the next few days I intentionally sought out a few scenes in which I could include the children in some fun filled family adventures and then today I find myself right back on a resort in Bali ready for another retreat.

To give you an idea of what MY virtual journeys look like here is an example. My Day 4 travels:

The SCENE (Where I imagine myself to be):


Photo credit:

(Via Pinterest: See my Favorite Spaces and Places board on Pinterest for some Pinspiration)

Th JOURNEY (What I wrote):

“It’s sunny outside. Oh how I have been craving the sun. It is delicious to be here, thousands of miles away from the deep of winter, soaking in these delightfully warm rays.

I love the feeling of lounging for an hour with the cool breeze blowing through these statuesque palms and the ocean waves gently breaking back and forth along the white sand of this beach.

As always on my lap sits a book. A pocket of bliss waiting to be opened and delved into- but for this moment- just sitting here watching the sea and feeling the warmth, and hearing the glorious sounds of this paradise world is enough. More than enough. And I am so content.”

YOUR TURN NOW. Where are you off to? What are you experiencing? Who are you sharing your day dreams with?

I would love for you to share a few virtual journeys of your own here. The soul enriching kind.

And have fun! The more you FEEL your bliss the more you CREATE your bliss. Or, in other words, what you focus on you create more of- so focus on what feels wonderful! Happy Journeying to you!





I am in the middle of an incredibly delightful book. I am reading it page by page most days. Sometimes a chapter or two- but very often only a page at a time. It is absolutely delightful and I am reading it as quickly as I can digest the new channels of thought.

Its called Ask, and it is Given. Written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the book presents the teachings of a collective nonphysical entity named Abraham, who teach about manifesting and creating a life full of joy and abundance.

If any of you are looking for a book that transforms your habitual thought patterns into something more joyful than perhaps this is for you.

I just got into the action part of the book last night. Part one teaches  how we create the life we experience. Part two includes a series of processes, or games, to practice in whatever moment you discover yourself wishing to shift your experience into something more pleasure filled.

I will share these processes as I use them. Already I know that I will love these. Recently I practiced the first process: The Rampage of Appreciation.

Basically anytime you want to put your focus on that which brings you joy, you can use this process. Think, speak, or write down anything in your current experience that is pleasing to you. This could be something as small as, “This blanket I am wrapped in right now is the coziest blanket I have ever had!” True Story. 😉

Now note your improved feeling.If you are focusing on something that brings you pleasure, your feeling is sure to have improved, no matter how infintesmally. Continue noticing and thinking, speaking, or writing about everything and anything that you are currently enjoying.

“I’m so grateful for that heater that just kicked on! Wow! It’s toasty in here and what a gift because it’s so cold outside right now!” Another True Story. 😉

Do you see where I am headed? Basically this is a game that really helps you FEEL great. I read about this last night and then tried it this morning for about twenty minutes before I got up out of bed. Just noticing things I am grateful for- things that I appreciate- one after another.

As I went through my day I found myself feeling hugely happier. The twenty minutes I spent playing The Rampage of Appreciation really set the tone for my day. I’ve heard myself saying, “I love my life!” more than a few times today.

So maybe this will add to your day too? The Rampage of Appreciation theoretically works at home, at work, or standing in a long line at the post office. Wherever and whatever you are doing there will always be something to appreciate in life if you are prepared to seek after it.

And the more you seek after it, the more it shows up in your life. THIS is true. Happy Rampaging to you! I think I will keep playing along too!

A welcome, a why, and a Woo Hoo!

A Welcome to my blog:

Sometime in February (of last year!) I wrote a first blog post. In a journal. And then tucked it away.

I needed to just sit with it, and let this process evolve. And it has.

What began as an entry all about the journey that brought me to blogging, in essence my journey through shadow and light and joy and sorrow and all that lovely stuff of life, became much less serious as it sat unread in my journal.

Less serious and also unshared.

I have found that it has taken me a good long year to be light and unattached enough to begin something as personal, and at the same time as public, as an ‘official’ blog.

So here I go, one year later, finally ready to hit the ‘lets do this’ button. For real.

A why to blogging:

Because this is a part of my ZING in life. Ive been growing clearer and clearer on what that is exactly. For me it is something like being hungry to experience and understand life’s wonders, walking through every delightful door that the Universe delivers me in answer to my asking, and then shining a light on that new source of bliss so that the people I love can share in this experience with me. ZING.

Whenever I do this I ZING. The Zing is in the asking. It is in the receiving. It is definitely in the experiencing.

A Woo Hoo(!) to blogging:

Let us begin. Im hoping to post often.

I am picturing myself in my minds eye, sitting down to share here the many many files Ive tucked away already. Perhaps in the early afternoon when all of my little people are enjoying their school sojourns and sweet naps. Perhaps in the late of the evening when all are safely and snugly tucked away in their beds, snoozing with beautiful visions dancing in their heads. Perhaps somedays even in the early hours of the morning when I have mastered the art of putting down my evening reads in exchange for glorious morning moments. It takes a great deal of trust in the goodness of the universe to exchange the two. For me the evening hours are the most sure to be uninterrupted while the morning hours feel stolen and in constant peril of being impinged upon.

I have snippets of life stories saved here and there. On my phone, in my journals, in the books I voraciously and delightfully delve into. Most importantly they are written in my heart center and it is from this space that I hope to share. So cheers! I hope my ZING inspires yours.