Saying YES to Today!


I have been a huge fan of Louise Hay for years now. She is an incredible force for good in the world. I use her book You Can Heal Your Life every time I am experiencing physical pain or illness. It was a life changing mindset shift for me to discover that everything I experienced was energy in motion (or energy being blocked or ‘stuck’) and that my intention and beliefs were the determining key to the entire experience.

For example, whenever I have a migraine, which seems to be one of the last ailments that seem to ‘sneak into my day’ every now and then, I turn to THE LIST at the back of the book, an alphabetical index of ailments and conditions that could arise in our experience, and I remind myself of a few probable mental causes.


Migrianes are listed there with possible mental causes of “Dislike against being driven. Resisting the flow of life.”


In general, this gives me the opportunity to take a look at my life and see where there might be any area where I am feeling driven. (I’m usually the one driving myself too hard in some area) And the most commmon cause I find is that somewhere I am resisting the flow of life. Wishing to be further ahead in my own pursuit of learning and work experience. A sense of wishing for something other than the space where I currently reside, which leads to a tightening of my forehead, I can feel it tightening even as I write this, and then a slow tension building snowball as I continue to resist the flow of life…eventually reaching a crescendo into migraine mode. Which then reminds me to look at my beliefs again. And to make changes where my patterns of thought no longer serve me.


You don’t even need to buy the book to access this incredible index of ailments and possible causes. All you need to do is google your ailment +Louise Hay or You Can Heal Your Life and a number of resources will guide you to Louise’s work.

While we are on the topic of Louise Hay I have to say that I also love her book You Can Create An Exceptional Life which she co authored with Cheryl Richardson. I found it to ne a transformative book that helps inspire and guide each reader toward self love and incredible kindness. Who couldn’t use more kindness in their life? In particular, kindness for oneself?


SO… On to the impetus for this post today and an introduction to THE SWEETEST way to start your day:

I haven’t ever really jumped into Mirror Work as taught by Louise- although I believe it is an incredibly powerful healing method.


I recently came across this new training that Louise has just created. It’s called the Loving Yourself: Online Video Course: 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem with Mirror Work Course with Louise Hay and Friends. That is a long name for a whole lot of awesome.


It is marketed with a few introductary videos presented by Robert Holden. In this Free Video Series Robert shares some incredible inisghts into the power of beginning your day in the most empowering way. In particular, I loved how he described the process of waking up each morning and saying YES! to the day in This Video.



This is the script he shared, which could be spoken aloud in front of a mirror, or simply aloud as you are laying in bed each morning (which is what I’ve been doing):



There is so much power in starting each day with enthusiasm and gratitude and eager anticipation and hope. It just feels juicy to be able to wake up and be open to having an incredible experience each and every day. Especially on the days that are full to brimming with what otherwise might appear to be mundane tasks:

Kids off to school, morning spent with the baby, cleaning house, off to volunteer in a classroom, home to meet kids off the bus, off to a meeting, home to make dinner, homework and bedtime routine.


So HOW is this going to be the best day ever? I don’t know. But what if it could be? Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be, but TODAY can be incredible.


Do I have enough belief in the miraculous to tap into the energy of a MIRACLE opening up in my life today? Am I tapped into the energy of HAPPINESS enough to allow for so much joy to show up that I suprise even myself? Today is the moment of possibility. Anything could happen if we are open enough to receive it.


So- how will you begin your day tomorrow? Are you willing to allow for awesomeness? Every day should be full of something incredible. And guess what? It really can be.




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