Cultivating Abundance

For the past 45 days I have been playing an abundance game. I have actually participated in versions of this before. This is a process advocated by many abundance coaches and programs that I have studied.


I wanted to adapt this to be something that I could easily access. I have touted the benefits of using the evernote app before, but seriously, it’s been an incredible resource for me.


I call this my VIRTUAL BANK ACCOUNT. Here is how you can play:


Imagine that you have been given $1,000. You can spend this money on anything that you would like. The only ‘rule’ here is that you can’t just put it in the bank to accumulate. That wouldn’t be any fun, and you definitely wouldn’t FEEL abundant just by watching the numbers accumulate in your virtual bank account. You won’t need it there anyway because on day 2 you will find $2,000 in your virtual bank account. Every day you will progressively add $1,000 to your daily deposit so that by the end of the year on day 365 you will have $365,000 to spend.


Here is how I use it:

On day 1 I decided that the thing I most wanted to spend my money was a new washer and dryer. Our sweet dryer has been hanging on for dear life. Each day that I use it I thank it for its continued diligent service, but its time is coming. So on day 1 I wrote:




I actually went online and took a screen shot of the actual washer and dryer that I would have purchased. I wanted to make this as realistic as possible, both to give me a good idea of how much things cost, and to give myself some visual inspiration.


I continued on- adding $1,000 more to my account each day- and by the time I hit day 11 I had already seen the principle of the law of attraction and abundance at work.


My post for day 11 was this:

IMG_1226 IMG_1227


I try to put FEELING into every post. As I imagine myself making these purchases I try to write out the way I feel about the experience. That is where the power of this practice really zings. The more you can put yourself into the FEELING of an experience the more power you call into the real life manifestation of the experience.


The very next day my husband was out running errands and passed a family in our neighborhood who were having a moving sale. He stopped by to ask if they needed any help and saw that they had one of these:



They gave it to him for free.


When he brought it home it struck me that I had JUST posted about this. It wasn’t long after that when I decided I actually COULD buy some ukes for the kids. I sold some old play toys and used the money to order a few soprano ukes. I’ve been insanely pleased with this.



The only thing still missing are the pegs to hang them with and the piano…maybe soon?


What I know about my virtual bank account is that it works. I FEEL abundant. I FEEL like anything I can dream up, I can actually DO or HAVE or EXPERIENCE. It may take some planning. It may take some time until I’m ready to actually jump in and get there, but I BELIEVE I can. And that is something incredible.


On day 45 I thought I’d reached the end of everything I could think of that I had on my bucket list of TO DO’s. So I did the math. I had happily and confidently and with great gratitude spent $1,035,000. I had taken trips all around the world, bringing family and friends along for the all expense paid ride. I had remodeled my home form top to bottom. I had reworked my wardrobe and


IMG_1221 IMG_1225


So was this my limit? As much as I felt I desired from the Universe? All my dreams had come true???

Well- I HAD always dreamed of never having to cook again!  So why not?

IMG_1222 IMG_1224


And so it continues…


I’d like to always find new things to experience in this world. And to have so much abundance that sharing money/expereinces becomes a joy. Im pretty sure I’m on my way. Think you would like to give it a try? I would love to hear your experiences. Happy spending. Happy experiencing. Cheers to being ABUNDANT!


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