Cultivating Contentment

I have been thoroughly enjoying continuing my  VIRTUAL JOURNEYS over the past 24 days. Every night I sit down to journal.
I imagine a place, a scene, an experience that I would love to have and I write as if I AM in the experience right NOW. The other day I came across this gorgeous landscape and imagined it to be a healing space where I could experience complete contentment, healing, and love. It sounds a little silly, but FELT incredible as I imagined myself in this space and wrote:
“What a beautiful healing place to be. Alone in this realm floating in this shallow healing pool. Everywhere I look I see vibrant peaceful colors.
 The sky is painted in tones of pink, violet, and indigo. There is a powerful feeling of peace and love emanating from the sky above.
Stepping into the turquoise waters I feel an energy of abudance, delight, and joy. I am supported completely. There is nothing I need to do but allow myself to sink into this complete relaxation and restoration-  I am content.
One drop of this healing sea contains all the goodness and light that I could desire. I welcome it in gratitude and awe and overwhelming love. This gift- from loving Source. In its wake I am content. So at peace. So full of love. Complete surrender.”
As the days pass I am discovering that my VIRTUAL JOURNEYS are sneaking into my daily life.
This morning it popped into my mind that what I have been doing in my Virtual Journeys is cultivating a powerful awareness of what it FEELS like to be content, or happy, or at peace, or to just have FUN.
So this morning as I sat holding my sleeping two year old in my arms I felt CONTENT.
I recognized this feeling of peace, and calm, and allowing that I could feel in my body and mind. After a long night spent attending to the needs of a fevered little one who was  seeking comfort and relief, in that calm that seems to follow the storm…there was a quiet, restful, all is well FEELING that settled in. And when it arrived, I recognized it for what it was. The contentment that I have been cultivating.
You can call peace into your life. You can call happiness and joy and anything else you want to experience.
Just practice FEELING it. Pretend. Imagine. Dream. But most importantly FEEL. Life can be so delicious.

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