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I was reminded this morning that sometimes it is in the repetition of simple processes that we find deep and powerful transformation.

I recently shared a process I learned from Vishen Lahkiani about the Three Most Important Questions you could ask yourself to gain clarity on your life purpose. I’m clearly a huge fan of Vishens because today I want to share another process that he has created called the The Six Phase Guided Meditation.

This is a powerful, and yet simple, process that combines meditation techniques, creative visualization, and mind exercises to help add abundance, clarity, and joy to your life.

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I loved watching this youtube presentation that Vishen gave years ago titled: A 15 Minute Mind-Hack by Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen breaks his guided visualization into 6 steps.





First- he focuses on Love and Compassion. Its all about connection. When we can really get into the FEELING of being one with everyone and everything around us our lives WILL change.




Second- he focuses on Gratitude. We know how transformational gratitude can be and when we deliberately cultivate it, our lives WILL change.




Third- he focuses on Being at Peace. Peace comes from being able to let go of all that holds us back in our lives. This happens to be one of my favorite parts of the meditation. It’s a process in which we can release ANY negative charge that we are still holding onto. We offer forgiveness- and we ask for forgiveness. One of the most transformative processes I have ever come across! Big or small- everyday there is some little something I can choose to LET GO of. When we forgive, ourselves AND others, our lives WILL change.



Fourth- he focuses on Vision. This is a delightful step. Here you are asked to imagine what your life will look like in three years. I love sending my thoughts out three years. This is an exercise in imagination.  For me- it allows me to put away the HOW I might get there and just dream about what kind of POSSIBILITY I would like to invite in. When we allow ourselves to dream BIG- our lives WILL transform.


Fifth- he focuses on Sense of Control. Here we get to ask ourselves the question: In order for this dream to come to pass, what do I need to do TODAY to align myself with this Vision? Now we get to imagine our perfect day. And guess what? YOU are the one who gets to decide what your day looks like anyway. The place of all change and transformation IS in the NOW!




And finally, the last phase of this meditation focuses on Feeling Supported. This is the underlying power beneath it all in my opinion. All transformation in our lives is made possible because of this. Our connection to Source, the Universe, GOD, Creator. When we KNOW that we are connected to and supported by the DIVINE we know who we are, what our purpose is, and we ALLOW ourselves to receive the support and love that leads to delightful living. Yes- our lives WILL transform.

Vishens 6 phase Meditation is delightful, entertaining, and informative. And I know that it works!


Best of all? ITS FREE!



You can download this  Free Omvana App and listen to this mediation- or others- every day.

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My favorite way to use this is to turn on the Mixer and combine the gorgeous background music of THE VISION MEDITATION with the voice recording of the 6 PHASE MEDITATION.


It’s pure delight.


I hope it brings you as much joy and transformation as it has brought me.


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