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I have been a grateful subscriber to Mindvalley, a global online marketing firm based in Malaysia, for a few years now.  Mindvalley is a global brand and company with a goal to push humanity forward through the creation and building of businesses that align with their vision and purpose.

Vishen Lakhiani is the CEO and founder of Mindvalley and FinerMinds.com. I was introduced to his work and his company through a ted talk he gave at Awesomeness Fest.

A few years later, Mindvalley has exploded in its scope and offers incredible content. They sponsor programs for growth and self awareness from many leading edge holistic health practitioners.

The first process that I learned through Vishen Lahkianis teachings he calls the Three Most Important Questions.This process created so much joy and movement in my life that I fell in love with this practice and recommend it to everyone I meet who could use some direction or guidance in terms of what they are wanting to experience in their life. The process is outlined in this video presentation:

The Three Most Important Questions

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 4.08.48 PM


According to Vishen, the three most important questions to ask yourself in gaining clarity about your life purpose and your route to happiness and self fulfillment are these:




I revisit this list every 6 months or so. Its a life changer.

I believe Vishen when he says that our answer to the first question helps point the way to experiencing happiness and adding joy to our day. When we begin working down our bucket list of joy we experience joy.

The answers to the second and third questions point the way to self fulfillment. When we are growing and contributing to the world we are living our purpose and fulfilling our souls deepest desires.


So- what would you do if time and money were no obstacle? What ways would you grow? What would you strive to contribute to the world? And when will you begin?


I promise it will be a joyful journey. An incredibly happy way to experience life. Got your paper and pencil out? Great. Begin now. And happy creating!

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