Life isn’t always sunshine and daisies…

This morning I was reminded again that life is definitely an experience in contrast.


Life gets a little sticky when a child decides they aren’t waking up in the morning for school, or a spouse is running on three hours of restless sleep, or your car breaks down on the side of the road (two of these things combined this morning and it wasn’t the car 😉


At times like this its so easy for my own personal happiness gauge to take a head dive right down to the deep of discouragement and frustration, although, in general I just head straight to anger and sometimes  just rage.

The most encouraging thought I have ever been gifted was the truth that I am the person who gets to decide how I feel in ANY given moment.


And over time as I catch myself in the middle of a thought that no longer serves me, whatever that may be, and no mater how true is may seem in that moment, I can push the ‘reset’ button.


Carol Tuttle, in her wonderful book ‘Remembering Wholeness’ says the following:

“In every moment, during every day of your life, you have choices. The choice to create more struggle or the choice to create more freedom and joy. Choose thoughts that support you in feeling good more and more each day.

It will take practice to gain mastery over your thoughts and feelings. Never give up. Never settle for mediocrity. You can accomplish more than you think. Just because we have not achieved this state of learning in joy, rather than pain, does not mean it is not possible. II believe it is possible. I believe it is our destiny.”

And so this morning as the drama was unfolding, I chose to breath deeply, disengage, allow each person in my family to have their own experience, and let go of the stories that were beginning to take shape in my mind.

Everyone gets the opportunity to begin again. I just let go and chose a happier NOW.


So- Life isn’t always sunshine and daisies- but there is no reason that it can’t be either.




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