I have been practicing a few more joy inducing processes, or games, over the last week and I can resoundingly say that I LOVE them!

I was recently introduced to an app called Evernote. I love it because it helps me organize all of the many notes that I tend to keep on my phone. Gorgeous visuals  make all the difference here.

VIRTUAL JOURNEYS is what I call the first game and it is one of the ‘processes’ taught in the book ‘Ask, And it is Given’ by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Here is how I have been playing this:

I find a scene or setting via Instagram or Pinterest that speaks to me as a place or destination that I would LOVE to be experiencing right now. A sunny beachside pool in Bali or a cozy winter retreat. A trip to Diagon Alley or a fairy glen. Whatever. Wherever. Whenever.

It doesn’t need to be a real place. What we are after is the FEELINGs of delight, peace, fun, or adventure that you feel when you find yourself in this space. I copy and paste this picture into my Evernote folder so that I can have it filed away with all of my other virtual journeys.

Decide whether you want to write this down, speak it aloud, or even think it in your mind- but there is a power in writing. I journal this.

I begin by asking myself these questions: In this scene, who is with me? Am I alone or with someone else? What am I (or are we) doing? What am I experiencing? How am I feeling?

The more details you can add the more real the feeling and the experience will be for you. Really turn up the volume on those feelings you want to create more of.

Describe the delight. Dig into the giggle. Revel in the joy and peace.

Keep it short. This doesn’t need to be a novel. In fact it is said to work best when you can jump in and jump back out of these virtual journeys in about five minutes or so. This gives you enough time to experience the feeling without getting caught up in the HOW or WHY.

I have a weeks worth of virtual journeys recorded now and it has been a fun and somewhat revealing adventure.

My first days journeys were all to quiet serene locations and there was inevitable a book somewhere in my vicinity. Apparently I am craving quiet alone time.

In the next few days I intentionally sought out a few scenes in which I could include the children in some fun filled family adventures and then today I find myself right back on a resort in Bali ready for another retreat.

To give you an idea of what MY virtual journeys look like here is an example. My Day 4 travels:

The SCENE (Where I imagine myself to be):


Photo credit:

(Via Pinterest: See my Favorite Spaces and Places board on Pinterest for some Pinspiration)

Th JOURNEY (What I wrote):

“It’s sunny outside. Oh how I have been craving the sun. It is delicious to be here, thousands of miles away from the deep of winter, soaking in these delightfully warm rays.

I love the feeling of lounging for an hour with the cool breeze blowing through these statuesque palms and the ocean waves gently breaking back and forth along the white sand of this beach.

As always on my lap sits a book. A pocket of bliss waiting to be opened and delved into- but for this moment- just sitting here watching the sea and feeling the warmth, and hearing the glorious sounds of this paradise world is enough. More than enough. And I am so content.”

YOUR TURN NOW. Where are you off to? What are you experiencing? Who are you sharing your day dreams with?

I would love for you to share a few virtual journeys of your own here. The soul enriching kind.

And have fun! The more you FEEL your bliss the more you CREATE your bliss. Or, in other words, what you focus on you create more of- so focus on what feels wonderful! Happy Journeying to you!

3 thoughts on “VIRTUAL JOURNEYS

  1. OH Nancy- take me with you! That sounds wonderful~ I’ve got a folder on my computer with all the places I want to be and I look at it and do the same thing you do – but I will have to start recording my vacations in more detail! I love the peace you are sending out into the world! Love always Jess

    • Jess-

      Here’s one just for you!

      “It’s just a delight to be here. The sun is setting on the first day of our cousins retreat here in the Maldives. As we step out onto the seaside dock, we hear the energizing sound of beautiful music playing in the gazebo just ahead. Who better to spend the evening dancing and laughing with than my cousin Jess? She always has such amazing energy and exudes such love and exuberance. We thoroughly enjoy the evening- knowing we have an entire week here- to rest- to rejuvenate- to connect! What a joy!”

      You in? Let’s go!

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