I am in the middle of an incredibly delightful book. I am reading it page by page most days. Sometimes a chapter or two- but very often only a page at a time. It is absolutely delightful and I am reading it as quickly as I can digest the new channels of thought.

Its called Ask, and it is Given. Written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the book presents the teachings of a collective nonphysical entity named Abraham, who teach about manifesting and creating a life full of joy and abundance.

If any of you are looking for a book that transforms your habitual thought patterns into something more joyful than perhaps this is for you.

I just got into the action part of the book last night. Part one teaches  how we create the life we experience. Part two includes a series of processes, or games, to practice in whatever moment you discover yourself wishing to shift your experience into something more pleasure filled.

I will share these processes as I use them. Already I know that I will love these. Recently I practiced the first process: The Rampage of Appreciation.

Basically anytime you want to put your focus on that which brings you joy, you can use this process. Think, speak, or write down anything in your current experience that is pleasing to you. This could be something as small as, “This blanket I am wrapped in right now is the coziest blanket I have ever had!” True Story. 😉

Now note your improved feeling.If you are focusing on something that brings you pleasure, your feeling is sure to have improved, no matter how infintesmally. Continue noticing and thinking, speaking, or writing about everything and anything that you are currently enjoying.

“I’m so grateful for that heater that just kicked on! Wow! It’s toasty in here and what a gift because it’s so cold outside right now!” Another True Story. 😉

Do you see where I am headed? Basically this is a game that really helps you FEEL great. I read about this last night and then tried it this morning for about twenty minutes before I got up out of bed. Just noticing things I am grateful for- things that I appreciate- one after another.

As I went through my day I found myself feeling hugely happier. The twenty minutes I spent playing The Rampage of Appreciation really set the tone for my day. I’ve heard myself saying, “I love my life!” more than a few times today.

So maybe this will add to your day too? The Rampage of Appreciation theoretically works at home, at work, or standing in a long line at the post office. Wherever and whatever you are doing there will always be something to appreciate in life if you are prepared to seek after it.

And the more you seek after it, the more it shows up in your life. THIS is true. Happy Rampaging to you! I think I will keep playing along too!

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