A welcome, a why, and a Woo Hoo!

A Welcome to my blog:

Sometime in February (of last year!) I wrote a first blog post. In a journal. And then tucked it away.

I needed to just sit with it, and let this process evolve. And it has.

What began as an entry all about the journey that brought me to blogging, in essence my journey through shadow and light and joy and sorrow and all that lovely stuff of life, became much less serious as it sat unread in my journal.

Less serious and also unshared.

I have found that it has taken me a good long year to be light and unattached enough to begin something as personal, and at the same time as public, as an ‘official’ blog.

So here I go, one year later, finally ready to hit the ‘lets do this’ button. For real.

A why to blogging:

Because this is a part of my ZING in life. Ive been growing clearer and clearer on what that is exactly. For me it is something like being hungry to experience and understand life’s wonders, walking through every delightful door that the Universe delivers me in answer to my asking, and then shining a light on that new source of bliss so that the people I love can share in this experience with me. ZING.

Whenever I do this I ZING. The Zing is in the asking. It is in the receiving. It is definitely in the experiencing.

A Woo Hoo(!) to blogging:

Let us begin. Im hoping to post often.

I am picturing myself in my minds eye, sitting down to share here the many many files Ive tucked away already. Perhaps in the early afternoon when all of my little people are enjoying their school sojourns and sweet naps. Perhaps in the late of the evening when all are safely and snugly tucked away in their beds, snoozing with beautiful visions dancing in their heads. Perhaps somedays even in the early hours of the morning when I have mastered the art of putting down my evening reads in exchange for glorious morning moments. It takes a great deal of trust in the goodness of the universe to exchange the two. For me the evening hours are the most sure to be uninterrupted while the morning hours feel stolen and in constant peril of being impinged upon.

I have snippets of life stories saved here and there. On my phone, in my journals, in the books I voraciously and delightfully delve into. Most importantly they are written in my heart center and it is from this space that I hope to share. So cheers! I hope my ZING inspires yours.



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